Daianne won prestigious Outstanding Student Presentation Awards at the Fall AGU Meeting 2019

Daianne and her faculty advisor, Dr. Yige Zhang, proudly presented their awesome work with a wonderful scientific poster!

On the second week of December 2019, the George R. Moscone Convention Center, the largest convention center in San Francisco, CA, was bombarded by almost twenty-five thousand earth and space scientists. The American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting is probably the largest annual earth and space sciences conference that gathers experts from all around the world to share their scientific discoveries that advances our understandings on Earth and Space sciences.

Daianne Höfig, a second-year MSc student from our research grounp, presented her work on the investigation of paleo-carbon dioxide during the Middle Miocene Climate Optimum (MMCO), ca. 15 million years ago (Ma). The high-resolution records of chemical variations were made possible regarding well-preserved valve-like lake deposits, where presumed annual layers can be identified based on light and dark bands of sediments. Preliminary results of her research show a positive correlation between the rates CO2 waxing and waning with future climatic models (e.g., Archer et al., 2009).

Each year, the top 2-5 percent of student presenters in each section are awarded an Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA). Her presentation grabbed lots of attention form wider audiences and won the OSPA award in the section she participated in. We are so proud of Daianne! Congratulations!

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