Daianne defended her MSc Thesis!

A group photo at the end of her defense! Daianne (top left) with her advisor, Dr. Yige Zhang (second from the left; top row) have delivered intriging findings of Clarkia Lake Deposit with TAMU Oceanography, alongside with her MSc thesis committee members: Dr. Ethan Grossman (second from the right; top row), Dr. Jason West (first from the left, second row), and Dr. Franco Marcantonio (second from the left; second row).

On March 11th, 2021, Daianne defended her thesis titled “Annually-resolved Sedimentation of the Middle Miocene Clarkia Lake Deposit (USA)”. It addressed the sedimentation history and age model of the world-renewed Clarkia Lake Deposit in Idaho. Her committee was chaired by Dr. Yige Zhang and formed by Dr. Ethan Grossman, Dr. Franco Marcantonio, and Dr. Jason West from Texas A&M University.

Her master thesis has been accepted as a peer-reviewed article in the journal Geology. In collaboration with researchers at Texas A&M University, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and Bryant University, this research successfully places this deposit in the Middle Miocene Climate Optimum using radiometric methods. It also resolved the sedimentation resolution, establishing a millennium as total lake deposition. This article is in press; stay tuned for more detailed information about her results in the following weeks!

We are proud of you, Daianne! We could not wait to see your bright future.

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