We are committed to reach out to the public about our research in ocean and climate sciences, and also offer opportunities for undergraduate and K-12 students with diverse backgrounds to do cutting-edge research in these fields.


Yige’s presentation on Paleoclimate with a room full of high school students who were hungry for both knowledge and pizza. They were selected from many applicants across Texas and other States to participate in the GeoX 2017 Program. Photo courtesy of Judy Nunez.



REU student Madeleine Neuhaus (Boston University), sponsored by the NSF-TAMU Research Experience for Undergraduates: Observing the Ocean, carried out a summer project with us in 2017. She examined the distribution of planktonic foraminifera from marine sediment cores housed by the International Ocean Discovery Program on campus for signals of climate change some 10 million years ago. Photo courtesy of Noura Randle.