Dr. Yige Zhang, Assistant Professor

Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University

Noura Randle, Graduate Student

She obtained her BS degree from Eckert College in 2008. Her research interest lies in reconstructing paleoclimate using multiple proxies. Her past projects include surveying the Quaternary hydrological changes in the Equatorial Pacific. Her current project is centered on the regional climate history of the North Pacific Ocean during the Oligocene and Miocene.

Xiaoqing Liu, Graduate Student

She earned her BS from China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) in 2013, followed by an MS from Tongji University in 2016. She has extensive research experience with foraminifera in the South China Sea. Her current project examines the temperature evolution of the warmest surface water body – the Indo-Pacific warm pool during the Neogene, using newly obtained samples from IODP Expedition 363.

Bumsoo Kim, Graduate Student

He was awarded a BS from Seoul National University in 2014, followed by an MS in 2016. He is interested in the global carbon cycle and isotopic approaches to study carbon cycling. His past project involves radiocarbon measurements and filed work in the Southern Ocean. His current project is examining the climate forcing of methane hydrate dissociation in Earth’s geological history.

Daianne Höfig, Graduate Student

She earned her BSc in Geology from the Universidade Federal do Paraná and MSc in Geochemistry from the Rio Grande do Sul Federal University. In addition to her Brazilian background, she has drawn academic experience from Australian and Germany institutions. Her past projects involved zircon detrital geochronology, the evolution of thrust-fold belts and sedimentary basins, and igneous petrology of Large Igneous Provinces. Her current research focus is the climate history and organic geochemistry of the Miocene Lake Clarkia in north-west USA.

Ronnakrit “Ronnie” Rattanasriampaipong, Graduate Student

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He achieved his BSc in Geology (2013) and MSc in Petroleum Geosciences (2016) from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. He enjoys tackling various kinds of geologic problems requiring multi-disciplinary collaborations, creativeness, and data integration skills, evidenced by his previous studies, from modeling the velocity of 2014 Indian Ocean and its paleo-tsunamis along the western coast of southern Thailand to mercury source assessments in the petroleum field. Besides research experience, he had been working for a major oil and gas company for 5 years. His current research interest has been broadly centered around the paleoclimate reconstruction using isotope geochemistry analysis.


Yang Zhang, Visiting PhD Student,
Ocean University of China

Ziye Li, Visiting Researcher,
Ocean University of China

Jiayi Lu, Visiting Researcher, 
China University of Geosciences